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Did you know?

Why Bittersweet Candle Co candles....

While we were researching how to craft the very best candles, we discovered some frightening facts about the paraffin wax used in candles that are widely available in retail stores everywhere, and the dangerous chemicals they use to enhance their fragrances. Coming from a professional medical background, this was particularly alarming. 

Many popular brands of store bought candles are made with paraffin wax and emit hazardous fumes while burning. We recognized the urgent need to avoid these toxic chemicals to protect our own health and yours. We learned so much that we did not know about common commercial candles when we were researching candle making:

Did you know? Paraffin wax is distilled from petroleum, a by-product of gasoline production. Burning paraffin wax candles releases hazardous chemicals, such as carcinogenic benzene and toluene, into the air we breathe, which have been linked to lung diseases such as cancer and asthma. 

Did you know? Many of the fragrance oils used in paraffin wax candles contain phthalates, chemical compounds that help bind the fragrance to the wax. These chemicals are linked to a wide range of negative health effects including hormone disruption, low birth weight in babies, organ damage, conduct disorders in children, and more. Even many vegetable wax candlemakers use phthalates to strengthen their candle fragrances. 

We at Bittersweet Candle Co believe our health and our planet are our most precious assets, and create our candles to help preserve both. Our fragrance oils are essential oil based and never contain phthalates. Our customers agree that Bittersweet Candle Co candles have the perfect amount of scent. Many of our customers have shared with us that our candles are the only candles they have found that don't cause headaches, asthma flare ups, and other symptoms they discovered were associated with the chemicals in candles they burned in the past.

To protect our family, friends, and YOU from the health risks associated with the hazardous chemicals in so many other candles, we offer our own healthier, clean burning, premium quality SOY WAX candles to share.